How It All Started

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Anthony Peruso

Anthony Peruso

Founder & CEO

Warwick, NY native and 5+ years of large-scale agency experience, Anthony is here to offer the Hudson Valley small businesses everything they need to become successful on the internet.

Our Story

Small Businesses Have Been Neglected When It Comes To Websites

At Modernizd, we help small businesses accomplish goals together. We want the best for your business, and we will work with you every step of the way to get you noticed. As Warwick, NY Natives, we know what it’s like to be surrounded by small business. Small businesses stick together and are what drives this great town.

For a long time, small business has been neglected when it comes to having help with websites and being successful online. That ends now. We strongly believe that in order for your business to accelerate in 2020, technology must be involved. If you have a current website, that’s great. We will completely modernize it and drive customers to your site. If you don’t have a site yet, well now is the time to get one. We offer the most affordable, industry proven websites that you could ask for.

With 5+ years of large-scale agency experience, we are here to offer the highest quality websites and technical solutions for small business. Other agencies just can’t compete and offer the same. We believe that in order for you to have success, we need to work together and accomplish your goals together.

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